Dota 2 Reddit community is demanding for Baby Roshan

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  On 23rd April 2019, a Redditor posted a screenshot of the correspondence with the Steam support staff member about the Baby Roshan souvenir statuettes. A Valve spokesman said that for now, the company is not ready to give the exact date of distribution of the converted figures.

  In his post on Reddit, the user indicated that the studio does not respect the players who spent their hard earned money and time on the game. He added that Valve could give such fans of the special in-game courier Baby Roshan as an apology. Other Reddit users agreed with him, who have been waiting for the figures for almost two years.

  Dota 2 developers have promised to send a souvenir statuette of Roshan to everyone who raised the level of The International 2017 compendium to 2 thousand. Initially, Valve planned to issue awards in the autumn of 2017, but they distributed it six months later. Dota 2 fans, who received their Baby Roshan in May 2018, were not satisfied with the quality of the figurines.

  The scandal around the figures Baby Roshan erupted on May 17, when the user reddit posted photos with the souvenir received. In the comments, the statue was compared to the toys from Happy Meal at McDonald’s. The fan had every right to be disappointed since he spent at least $ 800 to upgrade the compendium to get such the 2k figure. Other users joined the author’s argument. They questioned whether it was worth spending money on Battle Pass levels to get the Baby Roshan figure.

  Valve responded to outrage players who were unhappy with the figures of Baby Roshan. Company executives agreed that the quality of souvenirs turned out to be lower than they expected. They apologized to the fans on the official website of the game. Moreover, they also promised to replace the statuettes with better ones as soon as possible.

  After waiting for over nine months, in January 2019, some users began to threaten the studio with lawsuits. But the Dota 2 developers did not comment on the situation. Only in February, the company CMD Collectibles, which is engaged in the creation of souvenirs for Valve, announced the completion of work on new statuettes and promised to release them in March.

  Valve really needs to evaluate its strategy. Its been over two years since the souvenir sage. This shows the developers don’t respect the community who has invested so much time and money on the title. We believe that Reddit users should get the courier Baby Roshan as soon as possible.

  Valve hasn’t always done a very good job when it comes to solving community issues. Since, a few months ago, they made an unjustified verdict after the who Kuku vs Chinese Saga. It led to renowned analysts and broadcasters boycotting the Chongqing Major. The reason for the boycott was Valve’s doing favors for the Chinese. Since the regions are their lifeline when it comes to in-game items sales and so much more.