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you ArE BEAutiFul 女 中国达人秀 刘伟凭这首歌取得了冠军。 You're Beautiful是James Blunt(詹姆斯 布郎特)的第三张单曲,歌曲刚一推出就排在了榜单的第12位,6周后更是势无可挡的夺取了冠军宝座。英国各电台也都大...

You're Beautiful --BlackByrd,James Blunt, 两个版本,我喜欢后面的

Selina Gomez——Love you like a love song 这首歌很口水,但是又很抢耳(*^__^*) It's been said and done 一曲已尽 Every beautiful thought's been already sung 曼妙的旋律只空留回音 And I guess right now here's another one 不过现在又有...

《Love you like a love song》Selena Gomez的

真正的女孩 James Blunt - You're Beautiful 歌词 - Back To Bedlam My life is brilliant My life is brilliant My love is pure I saw an angel Of that I'm sure She smiled at me on the subway She was with another man But I won't lose ...

不知道你是不是指The Stylistics的《You Are Beautiful》。试听下吧。

You are beautiful就是这首歌,正确请采纳,么么哒

What makes you beautiful-One Direction

beautiful (you are) 歌手:imx 专辑:imx You Know theres something bout a sexy song that really turns me on that makes me feel at home and ha melody Ho it songs so sweet as it slowly calls your body next to me Beautiful smooth c...


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