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woulD likE问是用yEs,plEAsE回答还是yEs,i woulD...

1. would like sth. “想要某物”。如: Would you like a cup of tea? Yes, please. / No, thanks. 2. would like to do sth. “想要做某事”。如: Would you like to go shopping with me? Yes, I’d like to. / I’d like to, but I have to do

地道的回答应该是: Yes ,please .(肯定回答) No,thanks . (否定回答) 对 Would you like to do sth ?的肯定回答是: Yes ,I'd like to . 否定回答是: I‘d like to ,but ......

yes,please. 是用在别人帮助你,你接受帮助,或者别人询问你是否需要某种事物时,你肯定的回答 yes, i would 用的很少 这个应该是用来表示自己将会去做这件事

Would you like sth? 用Yes, I'd like /love . sorry,thanks.(否定回答) Would you like to do... 用Yes, I'd like to /love to . sorry,thanks.(否定回答)

当然不可以互换。 Yes, I do. 只是用于回答某个问题的肯定回答。 而Yes, please. 多用于别人主动提出帮助你,你做出的肯定回答。 Yes, I do理论上可以用于第二句, 但是带上please更有礼貌, 而Yes, please是不能用于第一句的。 希望能帮助到你 ...


before the week was out he was sure to think better of it, bring me my four-penny piece, and repeat his orders

为你解答。 Would you like some bread ? . I would like a piece of bread 译:你想要吃些面包吗? 我想要一块面包。 前面回答Yes. Yes, I would like a piece of bread. 是的,我想要一块面包。 Would you like some bread ? (Yes). I would l...

错, Yes, please才是对的

可以的。 "No, I wouldn't, " said Banneker with a frankness which brought a faint smile. “不,我不会,”班纳克坦率地说,而这种坦率使另一名男子疲惫脸上露出淡淡的微笑。

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