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work out For you

你好,“I hope things work out for you ”的中文翻译是:我希望你一切顺利。 你可以回答:thank you very much。

歌名:Work Out 作曲 : Ben-Ari+Cole+Kante,Stephen 作词 : Ben-Ari+Cole+Kante,Stephen 所属专辑:Cole World: The Sideline Story 歌手:J. Cole 歌词: Hey' we got a good thing Don't know if I'ma see you again But is that a good thing...

And I'll wait here a while Just long enough to be sure it's about like to be wrong That you didn't make a wrong turn And I'll wait long enough Maybe an hour or two Before I decide it wasn't me, it was you It wasn't me it was yo...

选A 做这类反意疑问句的题目时,千万不要受前面yes,no的干扰,只要事实是否定的就选no开头的答语,事实是肯定的就选yes开头的答语,而前面的yes和no可以灵活翻译 比如这道题,从后半句“我确信我会做得比你期望的还要好很多” 可以知道“问题并不难...

这是一个句型啊 it is ... for sb. to do sth. 某人做某事怎么样 套上后这句话的意思是:你算出这道题目还是很容易的 只有A正确(to do)

go out for work : work是名词; go out to work : work是动词,需要加名词; 就看你接下来的需要

选clever of 这是惯用句式 it's very +形容词+ of 某人 to 动词(做某事) 某人做某事真是太xxx了. 比如说,It is very nice of you to pass me the bottle. It's very kind of you to give me a call. important to learn it是形式宾语2.what... for=why3.题目不清 we can 宾语从句5.where you found6.who has left for7.whether you go这些都是考宾语从句

歌曲名:Work Out 歌手:Red Rider 专辑:Neruda J. Cole - Work Out (I wanna see you work for me, work out for me) Hey, we got a good thing Don't know if I'ma see you again But is that a good thing? Cause girl I can't be your man, no...

D: ask for help 寻求帮助 some help中help是不可数的,不用加s

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