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你好,“I hope things work out for you ”的中文翻译是:我希望你一切顺利。 你可以回答:thank you very much。

歌名:Work Out 作曲 : Ben-Ari+Cole+Kante,Stephen 作词 : Ben-Ari+Cole+Kante,Stephen 所属专辑:Cole World: The Sideline Story 歌手:J. Cole 歌词: Hey' we got a good thing Don't know if I'ma see you again But is that a good thing...

May the day ahead be more than happy, too, as all your dreams and plans work out just right for you. 祝你在这特殊的日子里,时时刻刻都充满快乐,祝...

start tomorrow off until February 1, go to work, Here I wish you a happy Spring Festival and I support. If you have any questions I will...

may all the plans you are making work out just right for you and may life always bring the best things your way. 热烈祝贺你的生辰!愿你的都能实现... important to learn it是形式宾语2.what... for=why3.题目不清 we can 宾语从句5.where you found6.who has left for7.whether you go这些都是考宾语从句

这是一个句型啊 it is ... for sb. to do sth. 某人做某事怎么样 套上后这句话的意思是:你算出这道题目还是很容易的 只有A正确(to do)

选clever of 这是惯用句式 it's very +形容词+ of 某人 to 动词(做某事) 某人做某事真是太xxx了. 比如说,It is very nice of you to pass me the bottle. It's very kind of you to give me a call.

(something 后也可用which): Is there anything (that) I can do for you ...数词所修饰时: The first thing (that) we should do is to work out a ...

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