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when day is done 这句语法不对,你看下是不是你听错了。 如果这句你想表达。当今天已过去: 是 When today is over 。

我读了这首英文诗,根据自己的理解,推荐3首纯音乐: 斯卡布罗集市(卡洛儿吟唱版) 风月无尘 秋日的私语 但这其中有能能合你心意的音乐!

歌曲: When The Day Is Done Be on a long day waiting for the night to come check my iPhone let me see what's going on, going on, going on help me DJ (DJ DJ) play my favorite song make the speakers shake, speakers shake everybody...

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英文原文: when day is done 英式音标: [wen] [deɪ] [ɪz] [dʌn] 美式音标: [wɛn] [de] [ɪz] [dʌn]

When Day Is Done 当时光已逝 If the day is done ,假如时光已逝, If birds sing no more .鸟儿不再歌唱, If the wind has fiagged tired ,风儿也吹倦了...

i asked nothing,themost distant way in the word,when day is done MP3 我问什么,最远的距离的话,在一天结束的时候MP3

歌曲名:Day Is Done 歌手:Ryan Bingham 专辑:Roadhouse Sun Day Is Done (Mon Enfant) - Nana Mouskouri Tell me why you are crying, my son Are you frightened like most everyone Is it the thunder in the distance you hear Will it help ...

When you took my sorrow and you took my painAnd buried them away, buried them awayI wish I could lay down beside you when the day is doneAnd ...

假如生活欺骗了你, 不要悲伤,不要心急! 忧郁的日子里需要镇静, 相信吧!快乐的日子将会来临。 心儿永远向往着未来, 现在却常是忧郁。 一切都是瞬息, 一切都将会过去; 而那过去了的, 就会成为亲切的怀恋。

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