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1. can you 为疑问语气,常用于疑问句中。 2. you can 为陈述语气,单独不可作为句子,可作为宾语从句中的宾语、表语从句中的表语、主语从句中的主语。 如:a. 主语从句:What you can do is that you should stay here. (你现在能做的就是应该...

I can do lots of things, such as ...... 你能做什么

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: I can paly football.

前一句是问句,后一句用在陈述句中,比如像这样I want to know what you can do .


你会做什么? 回答可以是:I can read Englishi.或者跟其他的动宾短语,只要can后跟动词原形就可以。

你好! what can you do when you have a cold 当你感冒了你会做什么

i can do my homework on time 。i can help my mum to do housework。 i can't drive a car because i am not a adult。i knew the person newton who is a great scientist。i want be a scientist such as netwon 。

中文意思是:你能用鼻子做什么 也可以读作:What can you do with your nose what 英[wɒt]美[wɑ:t] pron. (用以询问某人或某事物的词)什么,多少; …的事物 adj. …的(事物或人) adv. (用于感叹句中) int. (用以表示不相信或惊奇); ...

I can go on a trip on my own! I like travel very much! I can plan a fun trip when I get chance in the holiday. Normally I will search all the information I need from Internet, then print it out, think through all the things I m...

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