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Today is Mother's Day. I love Mother【too--so 】 much that I've done many things for her. In the morning I bought many flowers with pocket money and put 【 it --them】 in the vase as soon as I returned 【去掉 to 】home. In the ...

Today is Mother's day . I haven't seen my mother for two months since I left home last time .My mother is a doctor and always busy with her work .When I was a child, my mother sent me to live with my grandparents,who lived in a...

can i help you?yes, is Mother day.i am looking for a present for my mother ,but what kind of flowers shall i buy,roses or carnatins? i think carnatins are wonderful.they mean happiness,sweetness and love.they are b...

Today is Mother's'Day,wishing all mothers happy and saying the love to your mother.

hadn't改为 haven't ,left 改为 leave ;因为后面用的是since, 翻译:今天是母亲节。但自从我离家之后我已经两个月没见到我母亲了。 【楼主参考下~希望对你有帮助~】

B build up:变得更大.更多或更强;make up组成,构成某事物;take up:占据;send up 发射。今天的英国,妇女构成了劳动力的44%,故选B。

D 试题分析:考查动词短语:A. hold up举起,耽搁,B. build up建立,C. consist of由…组成,D. account for占据,句意:在英国如今妇女占据44%的劳动力,几乎有一半的带孩子的妈妈在做有偿工作。选D。

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