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It is Mother's Day today.

原题 mother's / it / day / is / today 连词成句 It is Mother‘s Day taday. 意思 今天是母亲节。

can i help you?yes, is Mother day.i am looking for a present for my mother ,but what kind of flowers shall i buy,roses or carnatins? i think carnatins are wonderful.they mean happiness,sweetness and love.they are b...

Today is Mother's Day. I love Mother【too--so 】 much that I've done many things for her. In the morning I bought many flowers with pocket money and put 【 it --them】 in the vase as soon as I returned 【去掉 to 】home. In the ...

It is mothers day,today

D 本题考查代词的用法。该句意是:“—哇噻!多漂亮啊!这些是谁的花?—今天是母亲节。妈妈,它们是给你的。”。前者用which,表示“谁的”,后者用you,位于for后面,作介词宾语。故选D。

which, better, for, much, buy, wishes,

题目:Mother's Day Today is Mother's Day. I love my mom and I want to give her a big surprise. I ask my friend and he suggests me to buy a bunch of flowers and say I love you to my mom. Then I buy 10 flowers and prepare a card w...

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May.Today Mother’s Day is celebrated with gifts of special greeting cards,cakes,and flowers presented to one’s own mother. 母亲节在每年五月的第二个星期日.母亲节那天用特殊的贺...

mother's dayToday is mother's day,i give my mother a thanks card as her present for she has done so many things which are so important and useful for me.Last night,i wrote the card for almost one hour because i was tryi...

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