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因为那天是拉丁之夜,你仔细看wade球衣,HEAT前面是不是有一个EL?拉丁之夜球员在主场会换上客场球衣。再给科普下NBA拉丁之夜吧。 NBA“拉丁之夜”开始于2006-2007赛季,联盟为了推广北美市场,所以特意会在每年3月安排15场主题名为“拉丁之夜”的比...

这是 Mic Nice 的歌 My House, 全部歌词如下 This is my house, who's house? My house, who's house? My court, my house This is who's team? My team, who's team? My dream, my team This is who's house? My house, who's house? My court,...

2009.3.9 热火vs公牛 韦德第二次加时绝杀

this is my house 这是我的房子 this is my house 这是我的房子

who's house

这是我的家 和 这是我的房子 都对 要看你是处于什么样的语境下。 有时候This is my house还可以表达出在家的那种“无拘无束”的感觉,比如在酒店说This is my house。 当然,回到家的时候对爱人或者自己说This is my house。意思就是我“到家了”。

This is my house

This is my biome It's what I call home All of my time I've spent building you From the moment of spawn Whenever I log on I know it will always be me and you And it was cold like december The wasteland you used to be But I put y...

小题1:B小题2:C小题3:A小题4:A 小题1:根据文章内容This is my beautiful home. There is a small garden in front of my house.可知答案为B小题2:根据文章内容On the first floor, there is a large living room, a dining room, a kitchen and...


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