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thErE is造句

1 There is a football behind the door. 2 There are two cats under the table. 3 There is some water in the glass. 4 There are two caps on the bed. 5 There is a bag on the chair.

There is a table in my room. 我的房间里有一张桌子。 There is some water in the glass. 杯子里有些水。 There is nobody at home. 家里没有人。 There is a plane in the sky. 天空中有架飞机。 There are three apples on the table. 桌子...

There is some water in the cup.茶杯里有一些水。 There is an apple on the table.桌子上有一个苹果。 There is a cat under the chair.椅子下面有一只猫。

-Is there a book in your bag? -Yes, there is. / No, there isn't. -Are there any trees behind your house? -Yes, there are. / No, there aren't.

This is a cup a map a cat a dog a pen

There is an apple on the table. There is ice on the lake. 湖上有冰。 There is a football under the chair. 椅子下面有一个足球。 There is a flower in the bottle. 瓶里有一朵花。 There is a boy, a girl and two women in the house. ...

There are. my. pencils(这是我的铅笔)

There is a map on the wallThere are some desks and chairs in the classroomThere is a teacher's desk in front of the classroomThere is a football under the deskThere are some chalks on the teacher's desk

Where is 在哪里;哪里;在哪儿;地点;在哪 【例句】: 1、Where is Sophy? Is she safe? 索菲在哪里?她没有受伤吧? 2、'Where is it?' — 'Never you mind.' “它在哪里?”——“与你无关。” 3、Where is the limit switch located? 这个限位开关装在...

There is a car/cat. There are some apples.

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