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step on sb's foot 踩着某人的脚 双语对照 例句: 1. Researchers collected the male scents by rubbing glass beads on the bottom of eachparticipant's foot, and swabbed the same skin for microbes. 研究人员通过玻璃珠摩擦 -------------...

footstep:脚步;足迹;梯级 footprint:1.足迹;脚印;起落架轮胎接地面积;宇宙飞船的预定着陆点 2.留脚印于……(什么地方)

footstep ['fut'step] n. 1.the sound of a step of someone walking 脚步声 例句:he heard footsteps on the porch 2.the distance covered by a step footprint ['futprint] n. 1.a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface 脚印 例句:the poli...

你好,很高兴为你解答 I'm sorry to step on your foot._____. A That's all right B Oh,don't say so 答案:A that;s all right:没关系 谢谢

step on the gas的中文解释step on the gas的中文释义: 踩油门,加大油门加速,加快 英语句子 The driver stepped on the gas and accelerated the car."司机加大油门,让汽车加速行驶。"Dad stepped on the gas and the car sped up to 150 kph."...


把骨骼上所有的动画关键帧删除掉 即可添加足迹模式了



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