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step on sb's foot 踩着某人的脚 双语对照 例句: 1. Researchers collected the male scents by rubbing glass beads on the bottom of eachparticipant's foot, and swabbed the same skin for microbes. 研究人员通过玻璃珠摩擦 -------------...

踩在某人脚上 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

step on one's foot

step on是 ‘踏在……上’ walk on是‘在……上走’ 根据句子汉语意思,最好用walk on,有走动之意。而step on只有踩在或踏再……之上之意,不符合局长地汉语意思。

J's on My FeetMP3歌词: What's up Kutt baby? it's Paul Wall, you know how we do it doin in Texas ridin on the 84's why don't you let them boys know how you do it down there in Kansas City know what I'm talkin bout You know I'm ...

用step吧You step on my foot.step on one's foot是踩到某人的脚的意思另外,stand也是可以用的~用法也是stand on one's footstand要更口语化一点希望对你有...

Put your feet on the floor and don't look ...Well that's Day One.而这仅仅只是开始。From ...With each step comes the decision to take ...

walk down the side walk hit my feet,as i move to the music step to ...And I’ll get there With a smile on my face, yeah So lift me up, ...

It's the end of the chase and the moon is .... [00:00.00]歌名 : The Sore Feet Song

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