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sorry sB

1. You should say sorry to your friend. 你应该向你的朋友道歉。 2. I'd say sorry to you, I must go. 我要向诸位表示歉意,我得走了。 3. He came here specially to say sorry to her. 他特意来这里向她道歉。 4. I never make an apology w...

apologize to sb make an apology to sb对某人致歉 apologize for 道歉

都是可以的。 feel sorry for sb to do sth 表示动作未发生 feel sorry for sb doing sth 表示动作已发生

Holding Onto Heaven-Foxes Stand aside, we've got so good at pretending There's a side, a side to you, it something wrong But I don't know where it is you've been hiding But I need you tonight But I need you tonight Cause I'm ho...

be sorry for sb跟某人道歉,跟某人说对不起,比较多用于对人 be sorry to sth对于某件事没办好或者是出了什么差错比较适用。比较多用于对事物。

首先,意思明显不同。be sorry for 表示因为主语本身的原因而感到抱歉。be sorry about 表示对于某件事或者某个人,主语感到遗憾。

加那个的意思都是一样的 【为某人做】

I'm so sorry to reply you so late 不好意思,这么晚给你答复。 be sorry to do sth. 不好意思做某事 reply to sb 答复某人 赞同请采纳!

选B 固定用法,say sorry to sb.向某人道歉 say hello to sb跟某人打招呼 如果你错了,你应该跟别人道歉

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