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sorry For Doing

1 抱歉做了某事 Iam sorry for being late 2 很遗憾,抱歉要做 I am sorry to tell you that you have no chance

be sorry for sb/ doing sth. be sorry to do

都是可以的。 feel sorry for sb to do sth 表示动作未发生 feel sorry for sb doing sth 表示动作已发生

feelsorryfor表示感到抱歉、遗憾、惋惜等。 feelpityfor表示感到同情。 Inmyquiet,darkworldIdidn'tfeelsorryfordoingit. 在我寂静和黑暗的世界中,我没为此感到歉意。 PeoplefeelpityfortheorphanswholosttheirparentsduringtheIraqWar. 人们十...

be sorry for/about区别具体如下: 1、be sorry for 英 [bi: ˈsɔri fɔ:] 美 [bi ˈsɑri fɔr] 【词典】为…感到难过,歉疚,大多数是为自己的过失而抱歉,或感到遗憾。 例句: You'll be sorry for what you have do. 你会...

sorry to do sth sorry for sth/doing sth

Doing 是动名词

V+for doing 对象只有一个即进行时对象,V+to do 有一个明处对象,同时有一个潜在对象。如stop doing表示停止正在做的某事,stop to do 表示停下来(正在做的事情)去做另外一件事

英语中有些动词后面加to do 或doing 时含义不同,举例如下: 1.After failing to catch the first train, he regretted not taking her advice.=After failing to catch the first train, he regretted not having taken her advice. =After fai...

Ah! I’m sorry! 啊,我很抱歉! B)Now, if you need to say sorry for doing something wrong to someone you know well or care about a lot, we ...

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