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sorry For Doing

be sorry for doing sth 对做了某事感到抱歉

be sorry for doing sth表示为某事而道歉,通常强调为已经做过的事be sorry to do sth更注重很遗憾做某事的意味,经常是没有做的事

都是可以的。 feel sorry for sb to do sth 表示动作未发生 feel sorry for sb doing sth 表示动作已发生

可以接do的现在分词形式doing, 如:I am sorry for losing your pen.

首先,意思明显不同.be sorry for 表示因为主语本身的原因而感到抱歉.be sorry about 表示对于某件事或者某个人,主语感到遗憾.

少词 she felt sorry for( what)she was doing

hear 是不及物动词

Doing 是动名词

am really very sorry for not doing my homework yesterday. I am so wrong for I have forgotten what I should do as a student. I should have done the homework the teacher gave me and hand it up in time for homework helps us to rev...


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