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on visit to

在某人拜访某人或某地的时候 没反义词


I'm on a visit to Xi'an. I'm on a visit to my aunt.

be on a visit to 是在参观 pay a visit to 去拜访 不能混用

call on和call at区别: 一、call on 1) 拜访 I'll call on him tomorrow. 明天我去拜访他。 2)号召;呼吁 3)邀请 二、call at: 到…作短暂访问 pay a short visit at [例句] We called at Li's house yesterday. 我们昨天到李家访问。

they are on a visit to beijing 意思是:他们正在访问北京。 【例句】 1、He is go on a visit to Beijing next week. 她打算下周去北京旅行。 2、When he was on a visit to Beijing, he went to visit the Great Wall. 他在北京访问期间去参...

does she? A 希望回答对您有所帮助,请及时采纳,多谢!

on a visit to 在访问...当中 have a visit 去观光旅游

is visiting London

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