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on visit to

在某人拜访某人或某地的时候 没反义词


I'm on a visit to Xi'an. I'm on a visit to my aunt.

on和at的区别 on语态曾经 at一般过去,在


at才对 满意请采纳

不是。 如果是现在完成时,必须有 done ,而这里中有back (是副词),没有动词的过去分词形式

完整句子应是 I'm to be on a visit to Beijing。 am to do 是“打算,计划做某事”的意思。be on a visit to 是“参观某地”的意思。

This year’s National Day I went to Beihai for travel with my friends.As we were afraid Beihai will be too many people on National Day,so we went there on Oct.4.Our first stop is to the Bei Hai silver beach.We found ther are hug...

答案 是A 这是 主系表结构 一般现在时 he's = he is 根据He is on a visit to shanghai 判断 应该是 否定回答

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