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因为在这里way home指的是回家旅途,如果要加to 的话,还要加个back

通常是说I'm on my way home. 注意home前面如果是没有特定人称或人名的话,是不必加介词to的,例如go home,所以这个句子不能说成I'm on my way to home(X)。但如果加上her或者Mary's之类,就要说go to her home或者go to Mary's home

都不能,因为home在这里是作为副词用的,只有on the way home正确

on the way 在半路上,在途中,后加to,可表示正在去……的途中 I saw him on the way home. 我在回家路上见到了他。 in the way 妨碍,当道 Lawmakers should not let outrage over bonuses stand in the way of essential action. 议员们不应该对...

on the way home 在回家的路上 1 It keeps forgetting our names and getting lost on the way home. 他已忘掉我们的名字也认不得回家的路。 2 On the way home we shared our first class compartment with a group of businessmen. 回家的路上...

举例来说吧。 例如: on the way home(home是副词)在回家的路上 on his way home(home是副词) 在他回家的路上 on the way to his home (home是名词)在他回家的路上 祝你开心如意!

on the way home 回家的路上 my home near by a river, after class i along the river road go home everyafternoon. the view is beautiful . lots of fish swimming in the river. the bird is singing and flowers sweet. some students oft...

home不是修饰名词,这里是做状语,表示“向家”的方向 希望能帮到你, 如有疑问,可追问~

on one's way home 在回家路上;在某人回家的路上;在回家的路上 例句: 1.On the way home one night, I spotted some fresh-cut roses outside a florist's shop. After. 有一晚回家的路上,我在花店外看到一些刚剪的玫瑰。 2.The tale will d...

on the way表示“在路上” in the way 表示“挡路,妨碍” 如: I'm on the way back home. 我在回家的路上。 Her social life got in the way of her studies. 她的社会活动妨碍了她的学习。

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