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hone前不能加to home 做副词用,有"在家"的意思,所以不能加to只能 be home 或 stay at home 可以说 on one's way home 在某人回家的路上 另外sb应该成one's 谁的

On my way to home yesterday afternoon ,i happend to witness a traffic accident.when an old woman was crossed the road,she was knocked down by a boy...


on my way home的含义:在回家的路上。 这是歌手enya 的一首歌名,全文如下: I have been given One moment from heaven As I am walking Surrounded by night Stars high above me Make a wish under moonlight On my way home I remember onl...

因为在这里way home指的是回家旅途,如果要加to 的话,还要加个back

+to someplace/success home、there、here前不用加to

原句: When i stopped at a red light on my way to home yesterday. 改错: When I stopped at a red light on my way home yesterday. 原因: 去掉to,home是副词,on one 's way home意思是在某人回家的路上。

C On my way home是“在我回家的路上”,home是副词,前面不加介词,a ticket to Titanic“泰坦尼克的电影票”。选C。

One summer night, on my way home from work I decided to see a movie. I knew the theatre would be air-conditioned and I couldn't face my 71 apartment. Sitting in the theatre I had to look through the 72 between the two tall head...

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