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前句中house 是名词,要介词;后句中home 是副词,省略介词。句子意思都一样。

I often see him cross the road on his way home. 我经常看见他在回家路上穿过那条马路。

on his way home 回家的路上 in his way 用他的方式 at hisway 没见过


没有 in/at one's way home 的说法

1.On one's way home 在...回家的路上,此时应用介词to On his way home, he thinks of the key to his car. 2.一般疑问句否定,用any,肯定会答用some Are there any trees near the house?Yes , there are some。

he lost the money on his way home 他回家的路上把钱丢了 双语对照 例句: 1. Let's get young tristan on his way home! 让我们送年轻的特里斯坦回家吧! 2. He was lost on his yacht at sea, right? 他是乘游艇出去时失踪的是吗?

Zheng He lead seven ocean journeys, who took over 200 ships and 27 000 people every time. Zheng He died on his way home in 1433, whom ...

He met (with) an accident on his way home. 他在回家的路上出了意外(车祸)。 I met (wi... 展开 loveclily78 | 发布于2016-04-25 14:24 评论 ...

on one's way home 在回家路上;在某人回家的路上;在回家的路上 例句: 1.On the way home one night, I spotted some fresh-cut roses outside a florist's shop. After. 有一晚回家的路上,我在花店外看到一些刚剪的玫瑰。 2.The tale will d...

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