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No or Yes - Late Night Alumni The moment I sigh and decide Sure I'll grow used to these lonely nights The wind it blows and I change my mind Feel a familiar shiver down my spine Now it's noon the clock tower chimes How long hav...

Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson Em … We are falling down again tonight In this world it's hard to get it right Trying to make your heart feel like a glove What it needs is love love love Everybody everybody wants to love Everybod...

M2M的《pretty boy》


can't take my eyes off you you'er just too good to be true can't take my eyes off you you'd be like heaven to touch i wanna hold you so much at long last love has arrived and i thank god i'm alive you're just too good to be tru...

I Love You ——西域男孩

Maybe i love you -----girl friends Can't Take My Eyes Off You Crash & Burn--------Elise Estrada 你都试一试,不知道你说的哪首

M2M的《pretty boy》吧

简单~selena gomez《love you like a love song》

如果不是Can't take my eyes off you,那是不是这个: I Love You Baby by Paul Anka As I walk by the seaside As I walk through the grass I see little bluebirds Making love while I pass Bees are hummin' and they're singin' everywher...

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