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need to do sth实义动词 need doing sth,表示被动 人+need +to do 物+need +doing 物+need +to be done 请看下面的例子: 1.We need to collect the parcel before we leave for England.去英国之前,我们需要收拾好行李。 2.We need ...

1. need to 作情态动词,通常用于疑问句、否定句、条件句、 whether(if) 名词从句或含否定意义的句子中。如: I do not see why we need discuss it further. 我看我们没有必要讨论下去了。 That's all settled. It needn't be talked about. 那...

一共有三个:need, want require 看例句:We need to repair the bridge -----可以改写成你说的结构: The bridge needs / wants / requires repairing==The bridge needs / wants / requires to be repaired.

1.need to 作情态动词,有need do ,相当于need to do,通常用于疑问句、否定句、条件句、 whether(if) 名词从句或含否定意义的句子中.如: I do not see why we need discuss it further. 我看我们没有必要讨论下去了. That's all settled.It need...

need doing = need to be done 前者是主动表被动 例如: the plants need watering=the plants need to be watered 类似的: need, want, require, worth(形容词)后面也可以加doing表被动

动词过去式:needed动词过去分词:needed动词现在分词:needing动词第三人称单数:needs1.If I need you to come and help I'll call.如果我需要你来帮忙,我会打电话的.2.You needn't talk so loud.你说话的声音用不着那么大.3.We are collecting mo...

need to do是需要做某事的意思.need为实义动词,作为实义动词时主语与补语为主动关系时接to do.为被动关系时接doing或to be done.所以need doing与need to be done是同义的

need to do,需要做某事。 need doing=need to be done.需要被做某事。

need to do 表示主语与need这个动作是主动关系, 如:I need to go now.我现在需要离开了. 而need doing sth表示主语与need这个动作是被动关系, 例如:The windows need cleaning.窗户需要清扫.

need do ----需要做某事 need 在这里是情态动词 need to do ---需要做某事 表示主动 need doing ---需要被做某事 表示被动 1 What need do you have I to serve for you? 你有什么需要我为你服务的吗? 2They need to do the same now. 他们现在...

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