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May is the_fifth____month of a year. Tuesday is the_third___day of the week.

保证正确哦! Which month of the year is September?

May is the fifth month of the year 意思就是: 五月是一年的第五个月份

我觉得你这个前者有语法错误好吧……the 在句子中一般表示前面已经提到的东西,应该是后者对的或者把前者改成 the hottest month of a year

这两个句子都对。 May is the fifth month in a year. 这句话的意思是:五月是一年当中的第五个月。in a year 强调在一年当中。 May is the fifth month of the year. 这句话用of 表示所属范围,of the year 特指一年之中的。 希望能帮到你,祝...

January is the first month of the year 主语January 系动词is 表语是the first month of the year 在表语里面,the first充当 month of the year的定语

February is the second month of the year March is the third month of the year April is the forth month of the year Mayis the fifth month of the year June is the sixth month of the year July is the seven month of the year

let's say the months of the year 假设一年中的月份 let's say:比如说;只需说;说一说;假设 例句: 1.Now, let's say instead of just trying to push this mass, I am going to make it spinaround something. 现在,我们就不说“推动”了,要...



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