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month oF thE yEAr

January February March Apirl May June July August September Octber November December. 其实就是一月到十二月的英文单词。

保证正确哦! Which month of the year is September?

May is the fifth month of the year 意思就是: 五月是一年的第五个月份

我觉得你这个前者有语法错误好吧……the 在句子中一般表示前面已经提到的东西,应该是后者对的或者把前者改成 the hottest month of a year

May is the_fifth____month of a year. Tuesday is the_third___day of the week.

1. 一年中的月份 例句: 1. We are increasing prices during the first six months of the year and willincrease prices again. 我们计划在今年前六个月内将价格提高,并且此后还会再次提价。 In the first two months of the year, mcafee sha...

. 一年中的月份 例句:1.In the u.s., gm gained market share in april and for the first four months of the year. 在美国市场,通用在四月份和今年前四个月的占有率都有所上升。


May is the fifth month of the year. 五月就是一年之中的第五个月份。 百度嫌我字数不够

the hottest month the year 一年中最热的一个月 双语例句 1 July is the hottest month of the year in Beijing. 在北京,七月是一年之中最热的月份。 2 August is the hottest month of the year in Chongqing. 八月是重庆一年最热的时候。

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