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l wAnt to hAvE A Dog

I want to have a dog Dog is my favourite animal. Dogs are cute and loyal to people. It is said that dogs are man's best friend. I heard that some dogs sacrifice their own lives to save their owners. Since I am the only child at...

i really love animals.I think they are cute and friendly. 我真的很喜欢动物,我认为它们可爱又友好. And among all the animals,i like dogs best.So i want to keep a pet dog.You may ask me why,now let me tell you what i think. 在所有...

I like to keep dog as a pet because dogs are mankind's best friend.Firstly,they are loyal and reliable.It is not difficult to find out such instances in our society to prove that.No matter how bad their mankind friends are or n...

one 代替前面提到的相同的东西(意思是想要一只与他的狗一样的狗) 注:IT指前面提到的东西

我有一只狗我有这只狗(前面已经提到过了或狗就在他们面前或特指的,比如说:有人说你家可能进贼,然后这个人就说I have the dog)特指的。

l don't have a dog


翻译:我想要一只宠物狗 满意请采纳,谢谢

填“has” l have a dog. My friend Wang bing (has) a dog too. 我有一只狗,我的朋友王兵也有一只。

呵呵 那句不是这样的 是have a little kiss have a little talk 这是jewel 唱的stay here forever 我也听了很好听 还设成空间背景音乐了呢 歌词是这样的: 歌曲:stay here forever 歌手:jewel 专辑:sweet & wild oh(oh) oh(oh) oh oh i'm lay...

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