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mp3已上传到百度云盘 如需要 请用非手机方式登录百度知道网页后下载(因网盘容量有限 上传内容最多只能保存30天) 我发...

请自行下载歌曲 请速存 如有问题,可以追问我


您好 很高兴为您解答 链接: 密码: czwz 如有问题,请告知,谢谢。

我知道了,它叫6 years(爱情片6年之痒)我也是看了微博上一张图才去找这部片的,望采纳啊!

I just want someone to hold hands with,someone to have dinner,someone who is not a stranger,~who is my friend,~who knows how to have fun...

《Just Hold Me》 演唱:Maria Mena 所属专辑:《Apparently Unaffected》 发行时间:2006-07-10 中英对照: Comfortable as I am尽管我是这样的舒适 I need your reassurance我还是需要你的肯定 And comfortable as youare正如你也一样 You cou...

Inside these pages you just hold meAnd I won't ever let you goWhen I'm going,I will remember how you kissed meUnder the lamppost back on Sixth ...

Just Hold On Music & Lyrics: Zircon *Vocals: Oliver & Clara (Verse) In the sea of night where my soul is real Broken visions let the darkness heal And the dream of life will surely reside I can hear your heart, I can touch your... 看看这个是不是你要的

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