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mp3已上传到百度云盘 如需要 请用非手机方式登录百度知道网页后下载(因网盘容量有限 上传内容最多只能保存30天) 我发...

搞定望及时采纳:点击我的回答右边的"采纳答案"按钮仍有问题再追问 【意境流】HiddenPalace【NOSTROMO】_.mp3

《Just Hold Me》 演唱:Maria Mena 所属专辑:《Apparently Unaffected》 发行时间:2006-07-10 中英对照: Comfortable as I am尽管我是这样的舒适 I need your reassurance我还是需要你的肯定 And comfortable as youare正如你也一样 You cou...

JUST HOLD ON_有道翻译 翻译结果: 只是坚持

您好 很高兴为您解答 链接: 密码: czwz 如有问题,请告知,谢谢。

Just Hold On Music & Lyrics: Zircon *Vocals: Oliver & Clara (Verse) In the sea of night where my soul is real Broken visions let the darkness heal And the dream of life will surely reside I can hear your heart, I can touch your...

不全相符 2 爱我别走(& J.Wu) 作词:黄崇旭、John Lee 作曲:黄崇旭、John Lee 编曲:John Lee All I wanna do is wrap my arms around you You know girl all I wanna prove Is my love it's all I wanna do All I wanna do is wrap my arms ar...

ADV(用于加强语气,表示生气、赞美、肯定等)硬是,就是,简直You use just to emphasize the following word or phrase, in order to express feelings such as annoyance, admiration, or certainty. because they just didn't hold with suc... 看看这个是不是你要的


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