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It took a long time To find this place It took a long time To see my faith It took a long time To recognize your face It took a long time Running around It took a long time (for the first time in my life) For me to find this pl...

第一题的D应该是persuade 把, 选D 2 A 3 D 4 A 5 C 6 D 7 C

I'm sure it might have grown old Like most young things usually do and dangling a line to try and find your mind For that I can't blame you. Now I'm not questioning your motives For all the silly things you've done Now you're c...

take a long time 需要很长的时间 双语对照 例句: 1. It will take a long time to repair. 这份创伤又需要很长时间来修复。

D 考查短语辨析,pick up 捡起,take up 从事,take out 拿出,pick out 挑选,句意:在这家商店挑选一条新裙子花了珍妮好长一段时间。所以选D。

B。 此题考查的是It takes a long time for…to do sth结构。to be made之所以要用不定式的被动式是因为the connection与make之间为被动关系,比较:make a connection(建立联系)。

他们如此高大,要走到(他们的)另一侧要花很长时间 百度嫌我字数不够


表示“一段时间”有时用“a time "”(尤其在词组中),比如“after a time 过了一段时间 这属于固定搭配范畴,英语中就有这样的无法用语法过于详尽解释的词组。学英语时,要注意这一类表达,多接触多记诵多应用后就会觉得很自然了。 另外,take后面应...


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