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instEAD oF Doing sth

这个句子应该还有一句。译为:不是做这件事,而是做另一件。如:Instead of staying at home ,she went shopping with her friends.她不是呆在家里,而是和朋友逛街去了。

instead of doing sth. 的意思是“代替做某事”、“而不是做某事”或“不.做某事而做 ...” 【例如】 Will you go to the party instead of staying at home? 你去赴宴而不要呆在家好吗? Shall we only have fish instead of drinking? 我们不喝酒就吃...

instead of doing sth

sth或者doing sth(作为动名词)

I made this ckae specially, with brown sugarinstead of white. 我特别地以红糖代替白糖做了这个蛋糕。I gave him advice instead of money. 我给了他忠告,而不是钱。The economy is shrinking instead of growing....


instead of doing

翻译:而不是。。。 It is him going to the meeting instead of her.是他而不是她去开会 It is the car instead of a bike that can take you to Beijing. 你可以开轿车去北京而不是骑自行车 It is working hard that can get you a good score...

正确的表达是:instead of always doing sth instead of (代替,而不是)中,of是个介词,英语中,介词后面的动词要用-ing形式。例如: Why don't you play football instead of just looking on? 你为什么不参加踢足球而只是看热闹? She fritte...

词语辨析 instead of, instead instead of 是介词短语,放在句中 He watched TV instead of seeing a film. instead 是副词,放在句首或句末,He didn't see a film. Instead he watched TV. 以上来源于网络

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