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歌手:Bruce Springsteen 歌曲:I'M ON FIRE Hey little girl is your daddy home Did he go away and leave you all alone I got a bad desire Im on fire Tell me now baby is he good to you Can he do to you the things that i do I can ta...

Raghav - 《Fire》 试听

Fall out boy 的 My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)

你说的应该是这一首了: 歌名:Fire 歌手:Gavin Degraw Oh if there's one thing to be taught it's dreams are made to be caught and friends can never be bought Doesn't matter how long it's been I know you'll always jump in 'Cause w...

I'm just a girl,but I'm on fire 我只是一个女孩,但我非常激动

你很叼啊 问这个问题的一句歌词都没听出来,你竟然听出来了 My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) careful making wishes in the dark, dark Can't be sure when they've hit their mark And besides in the meantime I'm just...

fire - kasabian ?

这样的歌太多了 带这句歌词的 看你一说我想起来好几首 提供几个你自己听一下吧 Raghav - fire alicia keys - girl on fire 我觉得前一首比较像


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