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Want U Back - Cher Lloyd

mc 梦 -死一样的痛过 开始女的有唱 I found the way to let you it I never really had it coming I can't believe the sigh of you I want you to stay away from my heart


Stay Here 呆在这里 l want you stay with me 我希望你和我在一起 Stay Here 呆在这里 l want you stay with me 我希望你和我在一起


Stay Home 演唱:self I believe in self-assertion Destiny is like diversion Now it seems I've got my head on straight I'm a freak without provision Seems I've made the right decision Try to turn back now, it might be too late An...

never believe if that I could feel the way I do to~night never believe that find my way I was lost but baby the dark is still was just before your life brought me through the night from far away now that you hearing? we togeth...

beautiful in white也适合婚礼

MC 梦 比死还痛苦 중독된것처럼 하루종일 온통 고통스런——zung dao dua_in ge ce rem ha ru zong yi_r a_on tong gao tong si ren But she's...

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