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i go to sChool At 8

When do you go to school every day? 或者 at what time do you go to school every day? 再给个德语的 Wann gehst du zur Schule? 法语 Quand vas-tu a l'ecole?

原句:They go to school at 8:00. 改为一般疑问句: Do they go to school at 8:00?

B go to school“去上学”,go home“回家”都是固定短语。

I get/wake up at seven o'clock,and go to school at eight o'clock.

D someone repair it repair做it的被动语态 B in the way 档道 A either用于否定句 too肯定句 C concentrate on 固定搭配 D both两者都 teacher 和students作为两个不同的群体

你好,这道题的正确答案是: 如果划线在at 8 every morning When do you go to school? 如果是go to school 提问 What do you do at 8 every moning? 如果是school Where do you go at 8 every morning? **************************************...

1 B in school morning 是泛指,不用其它介词 2 C get 是系词“变得”,后面应当接形容词表语“吵吵闹闹的” 3 B learn from 是固定短语,符合本句的句意 4 D 动名词表示行为 5 B dance to sth 随着......跳舞 6 A be on display 固定短语 展出 供参...

when do they go to school?

) to my father.” The o__8__ children ...一、单项选择(10分)()11.I am good at school by bus because his school is very ...

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