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i AlwAys BE with you

有语法错误。be动词搭配错误。 改正:I'm always with you. 现在一般时,两层表义:我总是支持你。或我总是陪伴在你左右。 亦可使用过去一般时,如:I was always with you, but you made me disappointed again and again.

i will always be with you 我将永远和你在一起 双语例句 1 I will always be with you, denny colt. 我会一直跟你一起的,丹尼柯尔特。 2 Waste of space and you always will be. 你一直在浪费空间。

是I'll be always with you . always为频度副词,常跟在助动词、情态动词、系动词之后,用作状语,表示发生的频度,意思是总是、一直等。 1.No matter where you go in life or how old you get, there's always something new to learn about. ...

always be with you :永远和你在一起。 例句: 1、I'll always be with you. 我会一直在你身边。 2、I'll always be with you, somewhere close by. 我会一直跟着你的,就在你身边。 3、I will always be with you, denny colt. 我会一直跟你一...

I will always be with you. 我会一直和你在一起。 我会一直支持你。 be with 具有以下意思: 1. 和(某人)一起 I wish I might be with you. 但愿能和你在一起。 2. 为(某公司)工作;受雇于 I've been with the company for over ten years. 我...

i'll always be with you 我会永远和你在一起 双语对照 例句: 1. I'll always be with you. 我会一直在你身边.

Always Be With You 歌手: 麻生かほ里 When you're crying I will always be with you When you're feelin'blue, I will always smile to you Sadness blows you in to cry But I won't cry for yesterday God knows well where you're going to...



1 I Will Always Be With You——Girl & the Robot 2 bad finger 演唱的no matter what

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