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how many times 多少次 how much time 多少时间

how often 问的是频率,how many times问的是总共多少次 比如,How often do you play ball?问的是多久玩一次球? How many times do you play ball?你玩了多少次球? 一个是问你一个固定时间段内,你每个多久做一次这个事情 how many times 问...

how many times 更偏重于次数提问。一般直接用次数回复。 例:How many times did you go shopping this week?(本周去了几次商场) 3 times (三次) how often 更偏重于频率,一般用隔多长时间回复。 How often do you go shopping?(多久去一次商...

Blonde Redhead的23

what time:几点钟 how many times 多少次 例如:What time is it ? It's half past six. 现在几点钟? 现在是六点半。 How many times have you been to Shanghai? 你去过上海多少次?

应该是Only Teardrops~ “How many times can we win and lose?How many times can we break the rules between us?Only Teardrops”

what time问时间 how many times问多少次 例句: 现在几点了:What time is it now? 你去过伦敦几次?How many times have been to London?

everything in the word 曲婉婷 How many times you asked yourself before What’s the point, wasting time But how many times you stand up for yourself Make a point, you have a reason You know, it’s not fair Your life, belongs to no...

how long一般表示过去的时光 How long have you stayed with this company? How much time 一般是现在还剩多少时间 How much time do you have for finishing the job?

作状语, 比如, how many times have you been to the park ?

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