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home 是在家的意思 alone 是独自的意思这是一部 电影的名字 这类翻译比较灵活 往往是根据 影片 内容 来翻译字面意思 就是 独自在家

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64---67 DACA 略

when i got up,i found that it is really a sunny Sunday. but i feel lonely,as my mum and bad are all out for business. In order to make myself have a happy and full day ,I had a plan for cooking a fish for myself. As it is my fi...

Don't cry because it is over smile because it happened Buzz: I wouldn't let you sleep in my room... if you were growing on my ass. Marv: There! What are we gonna do with him, Harry? Harry: We'll do exactly what he did to us: we...


A woman walking home at night is very dangerous, I do not feel relieved to let you go home alone. wu5ziyi | 发布于2008-07-30 16:55 评论 It'...

不要因为非自身的原因而感到自卑,要抬起头来做人 。哲理:比别人穷不要紧,关键的是有那个心就行了,不要自卑,要积极进取!

today i am alone at home.after i got up in the morning,i ate breads and drink milk,and then ,i did homework ,about 12 clock, i mode instant noodle for myself,in the afternoon ,i played computer after finished homework,untill th...

第一个home是副词,“在家”;而后面的home是名词,“家”的意思。 希望帮到你!

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