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helpedv.帮助( help的过去式和过去分词 ); 有助于,有利于; 治疗; 避免;

helped v. 帮助( help的过去式和过去分词 ); 有助于,有利于; 治疗; 避免; [例句]He helped energize and mobilize millions of people around the nation 他帮助激励和动员了全国数百万人。 [其他] 原型: help

是helped,规则变化。 原形 help 过去式 helped 例句 He often helped me before . 他以前经常帮助我。

help [英][help][美][hɛlp] vt.& vi. 帮助; 有助于, 有利于; vt. 治疗; 避免; 招待(客人); 给…盛(饭、菜); n. 帮助; 助手; 补救办法; 有用; vi. (在餐桌旁)招待,侍应,作仆人(或店员、服务员等); int. [呼救语]救命!; 第三人称...

help hlped helped 原形 过去式 过去分词

helped helping helps

过去式: helped 如: he helped me last night. 将来时:will help 如:he will help me tomorrow. 现在进行时: is helping 如:she is helping me with my study


When we help others, others will feel the warmth, and others to help us, our hearts will also comfort. I once encountered by the people to help. It was a Wednesday morning, came to the school, I opened the bag, suddenly found t...

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