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have in common with 与。。。。共有 双语对照 例句: 1. What comedians have in common with the players in a comedy 喜剧演员和喜剧中的演员的共同点 2. When you're addressing a controversial issue, start by identifying what you have ...

有很多相同之处可以说:have much /a lot in common 有一些共同之处可以说:have something in common 没什么共同之处可以说:have little /nothing in common 以上 均为正确表达。 have a little in common have a few in common have few in c...

have nothing in common with 与。。。。没有什么共同之处 双语对照 例句: 1. We have nothing in common with them. 我们跟他们毫不相同。 2. In the end it doesn't matter how well-mannered or kind-hearted they are when you havenothing ...

不是很明白你要问什么?大概解释一下这句。这实际上是一个常用句子结构,一般主语是sb,have是谓语,sth是宾语,in common是介词短语作sth的后置修饰语(也就是以前的后置定语)with sth是介词短语作状语

He and she have only one thing in common with each other: both enjoy smoking 

是的,比如have hobbies in common 有相同的爱好

中间放表示数量的名词 例如:have a lot/much/little/one thing in common have something in common

We have some words in common...我们有一些共同语言。 These "forces" have nothing in common with forces in the Newtonian sense.这些“力”和牛顿意义下的力毫无共同之处。

Smith have a brilliant toy have in common with his brother.

have much in common vi. 有很多共同点 网络 有很多共同之处 双语例句 In fact, Mr Romney and Mr Huntsman are ( distant) cousins, and have much in common. 事实上,罗姆尼和亨茨曼是表兄弟(远亲)。两人有很多共同点,他们都是亿万富翁的...

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