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Chinese hairjob 如果觉得答案解决了你的问题,请采纳,有问题可继续追问

Chinese hairjob

HAIRSTYLE 数值 ;调整当前人物的发型CHANGENAMECOLOR 数值 ;调整当前人物的名字颜色CHANGEJOB 职业名称(Warrior,Wizard,Taoist) ;调整当前人物的所属职业CHANGEGENDER ...

1. curled 2. minimum 3. clip 4. yielded 5. Given 6. awaiting 7. fascinated 8. affection 9. interact 10. haste 11. harden 12. grief ...

my dream job If you want ask me what's dream, i will tell you i will become a fashion designer. Why? Because people chace the new styles , include hair style, decoration and clothes. In my opinion, as a fashion designer is a lo...


胡子是一把把的,用A修饰 而头发会是一把把吗? 关于冠词应用,看楼上的吧.懒得复制了

歌曲名:White Boys (From "Hair") 歌手:Emmaretta Marks&Galt Macdermot&Mary Bond Davis&Melba Moore 专辑:Hair James - Whiteboy BY Larry Cheng & Kevin Boul Five nights No sleep My minds battered Stock market freefall Dreams shattere...

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