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good to be bad 物极必反吧

有点像是英语竞赛题... ] 成为坏人真好. 作坏事感觉真棒! 再不然,来个文言的翻译:乐之坏之.

有点像是英语竞赛题... 成为坏人真好. 作坏事感觉真棒! 再不然,来个文言的翻译:乐之坏之.

歌曲:Good Girl Gone Bad 专辑:Good Girl Gone Bad Rihanna We stay moving around so low Ask us where you at We don’t know and don’t care (don’t care) All we know is we was at home cuz you left us there You got your boys and got go...

1.He that runs fastest gets the ring. 捷足先登。 2.He that talks much lies much. 多嘴的人说谎也多。 3.He that talks much errs much. 言多必失。 4.He that sups with the devil must have a long spoon. 与恶人交往,须特别提防。 5...


Good is good and bad is bad But you don’t know which one you had She put your books out on the sidewalk Now they’re blowing ‘round They won’t help you when you’re down Love’s on your list of things to do To bring your good luck...

既然我们现在互生敌意 你知道的 那样的爱失去了理智 看看你所做的吧 既然我们现在互生敌意 嘿 我们的爱已有杂质 并且已无力重返 你打开了一个深的伤口 既然我们现在互生敌意 嘿 你还要这么做吗 我曾想过你能够被信赖 你还得拆毁那美丽的回忆但它...

于事无补 (花多少钱也是没有用的了或坏到无药可救得地步)

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