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my mother watches game shows at night 我妈妈晚上看游戏节目。 重点词汇释义 watches手表; 表( watch的名词复数 ); 值夜班 game shows游戏表演;娱乐节目 at night夜间; 在夜里; 夜来

My father like watching sports show and game show. My mother like watching romancefilms,my sister like watching aligado。I like watching news。Because I ...

Game shows means some TV shows in which there are kinds of games to play 仅供参考



两层意思 日本熟女游戏展示 你是一混蛋

英语好的进来,帮帮忙1.d (while不是whils)2.d3.b4.a5.d6.a7.d8.a9.b... likes watching basketball matches while mother is crazy a bout game sh...

Gameshow Host Betsy Slade .... Homeless Family Mother Josie Jim .... Lab Technician Adam Stone .... Policeman 。打你上月球,爱丽斯!一个无家可归人士...

instead of being the most famous game show contestant in history, he ...mother, the other to his nerve-wracking run on the previous night's ...

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