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歌曲名:I'll Find My Way Home歌手:Vangelis&Jon专辑:The Collection

Hero - Mariah Carey There's a hero 有一位英雄 If you look 如果你 inside your heart 往你的内心深处寻觅 You don't have 你无需 to be afraid 恐惧 Of what you are 自己是什么 There's an answer 会有一个答案 If you reach 如果你往你的 i...

歌曲may be tomorrow 歌手stereophonics I've been down and I'm wondering why These little black clouds Keep walking around With me With me It wastes time And I'd rather be high Think I'll walk me outside And buy a rainbow smile B...

T.I.Feat.Justin.Timberlake - Dead And Gone

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