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father可以翻译为:父亲 further可以翻译为: 英 [ˈfɜ:ðə(r)] 美 [ˈfɜ:rðə(r)] adj. 更多的;更远的,较远的;更进一步的,深一层的 adv. 进一步地;更远地;而且 vt. 促进,推动;增进

truly yours fether what dog are yours are these all ours the dog is _ 正在求助 换一换 回答问题,赢新手礼包 苦等20分钟: 激光祛斑是不是皮肤...

圣诞老人的意思 注意F和C要大写 还有是不是你拼写错了,是Father Christmas吧

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I love my father, my father is a very gentle person, everyone is very concerned about, and very respectful of others. Is a very simple and very kind person.

they are boating with their father(fether 也是爸爸的意思) 译:他们和他们的父亲正在划船


In 1990, my father joined the party,ot it was in 1990 that my father joined the party

你好。my father is strong and thin翻译成中文是:我的父亲又强壮又瘦。 ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

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