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FAll on onE s FEEt

fall on one's feet fall on one's feet v. 安然脱险;

fall over是跌倒的意思 应该是自己被自己绊倒 如果要引申为“搬起石头砸自己的脚”,更好的翻译应该是Reap as one has sown

Fall At Your Feet 扑倒在你脚下 James Blunt I'm really close tonight今晚我真的离你很近 And I feel like I'm moving inside her我感觉我正在慢慢侵入她的内心 Lying in the dark躺在黑暗中 I think that I'm beginning to know her我想我开...

歌曲名:Falling At Your Feet 歌手:群星 专辑:The Million Dollar Hotel And when you walk into the room I feel the world dissolve, I fall at your feet And when you look at me I swear the beating of my heart is about to cease Oooh.....

意思是20英尺下降到地面 望采纳谢谢

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