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你好,我已经上传了你需要的伴奏高音质版,嘿嘿 我就象征性的收个5点财富值,嘻嘻。

What has Eddie got? 伊迪已经获得了什么?

what has Eddie got? 埃迪有什么 回答用 He has got .... 根据内容或实际写名词 如 He has got a dog . 他有一条狗。

What has Eddie got? 埃迪拥有什么? (埃迪得到了什么?)

[ti:The One That Got Away] [ar:Lil Eddie] [al:080828] [by:huchuhan] [offset:500] [00:00.00]"The One That Got Away " [00:04.00] [00:04.50]Lil Eddie [00:08.00] [00:09.00]Lrc by SoundZ-X *Francisco, Rico Love, Lil Eddie, Frankie J...

oh, the one that got away, got away with my heart broke into my world and tore it apart i should pick up the pieces, but i don't know where to start oh, the one that got away, got away with my heart i lost my heart so easily, i...

没什么文采,只好直译了,希望不会破坏楼主对这首歌的感觉,包涵哈。。。 Is it really you, can't expect to come to you - not today. 真的是你吗?真的没想到今天会遇见你…… It must've been atleast a year or two since the last time I se...

get one's hands on 得到,找到,占有; 用作动词 (v.) Peter read every book he could lay his hands on. 彼得读了他能弄到手的每一本书。 Now we must get hold of that bird's heart. 现在我们必须把那只鸟的心弄到手。 反义词 为 abuse one'...

Grandma gives the key to the girl.

Golden - Travie McCoy/Sia You got that look in your eyes eyes I can tell you had bad dreams last night Let me take you in my arms You can cry cry Let me love you 'til you feel alright 'Cause I am yours you are mine You are mine...

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