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歌曲名:Don'T Worry About Me 歌手:Ella Fitzgerald 专辑:Columbia Jazz Don't worry 'bout me Don't worry 'bout me Oh oh oh Don't worry 'bout me Don't worry 'bout me Oh oh oh Don't worry Don't worry'bout me I want you baby, but you ...

worry 本身是及物动词,直接加me,担心我 追问: 那这个句中同时出现了两个me啊? 回答: 几个空呀 追问: 有三个空、 回答: be worried about 追问: 哦,那上一次的答案不对啊? 谢谢了埃 回答: 不知道你是几个空,以为只有一个空呢。

歌词"Don't you worry, I'll be there for you, don't worry about me, you know me better than that, don't you worry, I'll be there for you, I'll catch you if you would fall."让人感动。


Don't Worry About Me - Carol Kidd Don't worry about me I'll get along Forget about me Just be happy my love Let's say that our little show is over And so the story ends Why not call it a day the sensible way And still be friend...

不知道是不是olivia ong 的 don't you worry about a thing。。

love in december

Relax - Das Racist White devils like it I'm drinking coffee brought to me By white devils' sidekicks They askin' if we like to get higher Like they hired him The fire and brimstone is known To be composed of desire never twice ...

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