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blow one's nose v.擤鼻涕; 例句 1.She blew her nose as daintily as possible. 她尽量文雅地擤了擤鼻涕。 2.He blows his nose with a handkerchief. 他用手帕擤鼻涕。


【兹】 nose 英 [nəʊz] 美 [noʊz] n. 鼻子; 嗅觉; 芳香,香气; 突出的部分; vt. 嗅出,闻出; 用鼻子触; 用鼻子品评(酒)等; 探出; vi. 小心探索着前进; 探问; [例句]She wiped her nose with a tissue. 她用纸巾擦了擦鼻子。 [...

blow nose 网络 擤鼻涕 双语例句 1 If you have a cold, you need to blow your nose a lot. 如果你感冒了,你需要很多纸来擦你的鼻子。 2 He stopped to blow his nose. 他停下来揉了下鼻子。

blow his nose的中文翻译 blow his nose 擤鼻子 双语例句 1 He stopped to blow his nose. 他停下来揉了下鼻子。 2 Leave the tissue paper for the patient to blow his nose gently. 备好纸巾供病人轻轻擤鼻涕用。


1. I couldn't care less. 这句话的意思是「我不在乎」,「缺乏兴趣」(lack of interest),也就是:I don't care at all. 或 I don't give ...

a 在吃饭的时候擤鼻涕是一个不好的习惯

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