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blow one's nose v.擤鼻涕; 例句 1.She blew her nose as daintily as possible. 她尽量文雅地擤了擤鼻涕。 2.He blows his nose with a handkerchief. 他用手帕擤鼻涕。

blow one's nose 擤鼻子 双语对照 词典结果: blow one's nose v.擤鼻涕; 例句: 1. Someone kneels close to pinch betty's nose. 一个人跪在旁边捏住贝蒂的鼻子。

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【兹】 nose 英 [nəʊz] 美 [noʊz] n. 鼻子; 嗅觉; 芳香,香气; 突出的部分; vt. 嗅出,闻出; 用鼻子触; 用鼻子品评(酒)等; 探出; vi. 小心探索着前进; 探问; [例句]She wiped her nose with a tissue. 她用纸巾擦了擦鼻子。 [...

follow one's nose_翻译 follow one's nose [释义]笔直往前走; 靠嗅觉指引; 凭直觉行事; [网络]凭本能行事; 盲目行事; 笔直走

blow one's nose v. 擤鼻涕; [例句]Someone kneels close to pinch betty's nose. 一个人跪在旁边捏住贝蒂的鼻子。

nose [英]nəʊz [美]noʊz n. 鼻子;嗅觉;芳香,香气;突出的部分 vt. 嗅出,闻出;用鼻子触;用鼻子品评(酒)等;探出 vi. 小心探索着前进;探问 [例句]As boeing deals with 787 dreamliner delays , airbus has taken to depicting i...

blow his nose的中文翻译 blow his nose 擤鼻子 双语例句 1 He stopped to blow his nose. 他停下来揉了下鼻子。 2 Leave the tissue paper for the patient to blow his nose gently. 备好纸巾供病人轻轻擤鼻涕用。

stick one's nose into 管闲事; 探问 . ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

n. 吹;打击;殴打(例:A heavy blow or stroke.重击沉重的一击。) vi. 风吹;喘气(例:Then she blow out the candle. 然后她把蜡烛吹灭了。) vt. 风吹(例:Blow your house in.把你的房子吹到。)

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