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things will be better with ages 随着时代的进步事物会更好! 重点词汇释义 things 物;用品; 事物。 better 能力更强的; 更多的; 更好地。 ages 时代; 年龄;年岁。

他家生孩子还是很便宜的 顺产好像是3000多 刨妇产好像是5000多 我有个朋友怀孕了准备生产去哪咨询过 他家环境也不错 那是公立医院没法比的 推荐推荐

How often one hears children wishing they were grownups and old people wishing they were young. Each age has its pleasures and its pains, and the happiest people are those who enjoy what each age gives him without wasting his t...

In my opinion, I think the best age for a person to start dating is when they have a stable education. It's very common nowadays to see youngster dating one another. They have never thought about how it will affect their future...


Maybe 18~25 is the best period of time in our life,Because we still young,we still have energy to struggle.

1. Lots of Jack’s friends are twelve years old.2. He is in Class One.3. each other4. 因为Ben数学方面优秀,所以他帮助我学习数学。5.I like sports and exercise every day. 短文大意:我叫Jack,12岁。我有好多朋友,大多和我同岁。我最...

英文:meet you at the best age 中文:遇见你的最佳年龄 您的问题已经为您解答,如对您有帮助,请及时采纳! 如对本问题仍有疑问可继续追问,Good luck!

do you have the most beautiful age,don't failed to live up to the best of yourself 你有最美好的年龄,不要辜负了自己的最好的自己

第一篇 You might ask what a friend lifespan is? It is how long you remain in friendship with someone until you drift way from each other for whatever reason. Some people remain friends for a lifetime, but some do drift apart. Y...

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