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BE tirED with

be tired of 对...感到厌倦; be tired with 因...而疲劳 be tired out 疲倦极了 e.g. You will get tired of me. I am tired of living aboard. A lazy person often saye," I am tired with working.""我工作得太累了." I am tired with climbi...

be tired with 英[bi: ˈtaiəd wið] 美[bi taɪrd wɪð] 疲倦; [例句]You may be tired with reading, but you should not be tired of it. 看书可能使你疲劳,但不应该对看书感到厌烦。

be tired of 厌烦… be tired with/from 因为…而累了 be tired with sb 因为…厌烦某人

women:Are you going to be tired of doing this? men:Why do you have to say this in the middle of sex

be tired of[英][bi: ˈtaiəd ɔv][美][bi taɪrd ʌv] v.厌烦; 腻; 倦; 例句: 1. You must be tired of being killed and revived. 你一定很累被打死了又复活。 2. And after two years of leading the world in terms of...

get tired of 有一种渐渐改变的语气,一般用一般进行时搭配,be tired of 更多是形容一种状态,就是说已经是这样了.举两个例句吧I'm getting tired of your stinky shoes.我有点(渐渐)受不了你的臭鞋子了.希望有解释清楚

be tired of ... 是指“对……感到厌倦”,而be tired from... 是指“因……而疲倦”。所以我觉得第一个填is tired from,第二个was tired of,第三个am tired of。

be tired to do 太累了做不了某事 be tired from (doing) 因为做了某事而很劳累 be tired of (doing) 厌烦做什么事情 be tired with sb\sth 因...而疲劳

play with sb 和某人玩 with the help of sb 在某人的帮助下 be friends with sb 和某人交朋友 agree with sb 同意某人的意见 be angry with sb 愤怒,生某人的 be busy with sth 忙于...... be covered with/by 为......所覆盖 be filled with ...

be tired of living 厌倦生活 例句 1.People who are tired of living, either due to bedridden senility or because of chronic suffering in illnesses, may still gain emancipation through Dharma practices. 常年受病苦折磨或老弱卧床而...

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