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BE FriEnDly to sB

be friendly with sb:“和”某人友好相处 be friendly to sb: “对”某人友好/友善 两者区别主要看介词, with翻译成“和”,没有主从关系,两人平等,互相都友好相处 to翻译成“对”,是指主语友好的行为对象为sb,不一定sb也对主语人友善

be friendly with 是和某人相处得好 be friendly to 是对某人友善、友好 friendly with 是和某人相处得好,与某人友好,跟某人做朋友... He pretended to be friendly with me. 他假装对我友善. friendly to sb 指对某人友好,主语只能是人或宠物等有生命或有感情的物体. 例:He is friendly to you.他对你很友...

be kind to sb

My teacher is friendly to us。 请采纳

be friendly with sb和某人友好相处 be friendly to sb 对某人友好/友善

be friendly to 对.友好 be friendly with 和...相处得好 【例如】: She is friendly with her friends 她和她的朋友相处的很融洽. She is friendly to us 她对我们很友好.

Be friendly to others Connect the person needs a thing to want polite, behave conducting should the amity treat mutually, all of these are the high school student's important behavior norm. Our good intentions can help us to ac...

be good to sb. be kind to sb treat sb well be friendly to be nice to

介词 with 和 to 后跟人作宾语在于这两个介词的区别。 with sb. 强调施事者与受事者介词宾语双向互动,to sb. 强调施事者单方面指向介词宾语。如: May I come and talk with you whenever it's convenient? 在你方便时我能来和你谈谈吗?(强调...

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