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the balls of your feet的意思是脚后跟

on the balls of feet [体]提踵; 例句: 1. And mice without leptin are sluggish balls of blubber. 没有瘦素小鼠简直就是又懒又肥的绒毛球。 2. His car overturned and rolled into about 10 feet of water. 他的车翻了,滚进约十英尺深的水中。

【医】跖球 The ball of the foot. 足部的圆形部位 The ball of the foot, ie the part near the base of the big toe 脚掌下面近拇趾根的球形部分



have the ball at one's feet v. 有机会成功;有好机会;如操左券 [例句]And he himself is very diligent . Considering all these , I think he has the ball at his feet. 而且他本人也很勤奋,鉴于这些因素,我认为他有机会成功。 请采纳 如果...

1. 后悬挂象脚 2. 齿轮箱端横轴变速杆球形接头


Learning to give up in life is also a sort of wisdom when I dreamed becoming a foot ball star,enjoying great popularity among teenagers and winning great reputation for my country . Therefore ,there is no such a thing as achi...

和楼主一样对FM有爱的人 :) 1.runs with ball down left 喜欢沿左路带球疾进下底 2.runs with ball down right 喜欢沿右路带球疾进下底 3.runs...

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