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ant 蚂蚁 ant[英][ænt] [美][ænt] aunt[英][ɑ:nt] [美][ænt, ɑnt]

aren't 祝您学习进步,更上一层楼!!!O(∩_∩)O

音标:/ænt/ 同音词有ant,are not 缩写形式:aren't 1.I had to rope in your aunt and put her to no end of trouble to beg Madam Xifeng ill the West Mansion to get you this place in the family school. "好容易我望你姑妈说了,你...

aunt(同音词) aren't

aunt(同音词)是 aren't aren't aunt与aren't 的读音均为:[ɑ:nt]

uncountable aren't watches


aunt 吧

[连词成句]aunt's when ,mary's is birthday[连词成句]you can read the ...词形转换;right【同音词】 she【物主代词】 isn't【完全形式】 nineteen【序...

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