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(1)at the moment 此刻; (正当)那时 adv.此刻 prep.此刻,那时 adv.此刻,那时 n.此刻,那时 ###例句 Not at the moment. 现在不要。 No, not at the moment. 眼下还没有。 Not at the present moment. 暂时没有了。 Chickened out at the last mom...

What is the population of China at the moment? 中国目前的人口是多少?

The moment i was prised by my motherI still remember that day my mother paised me.She always kind and warm-hearted to others.On a bus,when she saw the old ,she stood up quickly.she want to let the old sit her Seat.My mother tol...

你好! i'm not available at the moment, and will get back to you soon. 我现在不在,会尽快给你回电。


What are you doing at the moment? 现在进行时,Be动词做谓语动词



1、at the moment ①意思是“此刻,目前” 例句:He is in a high school at the moment.(目前他正在上高中。) ②意思是“当时,那时” 例句:He said that at the moment everything was blacked out for him.(他说,当时他眼前一片漆黑。) 2、in...

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