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(1)at the moment 此刻; (正当)那时 adv.此刻 prep.此刻,那时 adv.此刻,那时 n.此刻,那时 ###例句 Not at the moment. 现在不要。 No, not at the moment. 眼下还没有。 Not at the present moment. 暂时没有了。 Chickened out at the last mom...

aub soft service is not available at the moment, you can try again later or switch to of

at the moment 此刻;当时 短语 just at the moment 就在那时 ; 只是在时刻 ; 只是在一瞬间 Transmission at the moment 此刻变速箱 Currently at the moment 此刻目前

有明显的语法错误!好像漏掉了什么…… 我大概翻译:在这个时候,当你想放弃时,你就要想想你为什么你已经走到了这一步.

具体要知道主石的净度 颜色 大小 才能猜测价格哦~品牌价格空间很大~很难估测~

at the moment---此刻;目前 How much are the apples at the moment? 目前苹果什么价钱?

At present,more and more people love using smart phones He is doing homework at the moment i just got here right now i am tired now i look for a key i love listening to the music

A pair of spectacles is what I need at the moment.newfydcr 发布于2015-06-08 23:09 最佳答案 我此刻需要的只是一副眼镜。spectacles 眼镜 本回答由提问...

3dmax里的一个物体导出fbx后变成了两部分,一个part0,一个part1。想知道怎样才能不变成两部分啊?Meshes may not have more than 65535 vertices at the moment....

The subscriber you called is not available at the moment. Please try again later. 您呼叫的拥护暂时无法接通。请稍后再拨。 subscriber 消费者;用户...

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