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at the moment 此刻;当时 短语 just at the moment 就在那时 ; 只是在时刻 ; 只是在一瞬间 Transmission at the moment 此刻变速箱 Currently at the moment 此刻目前

(1)at the moment 此刻; (正当)那时 adv.此刻 prep.此刻,那时 adv.此刻,那时 n.此刻,那时 ###例句 Not at the moment. 现在不要。 No, not at the moment. 眼下还没有。 Not at the present moment. 暂时没有了。 Chickened out at the last mom...

意思分别为,at the moment此刻、现在;in time及时;at once立刻、马上;just then就在那时

At present,more and more people love using smart phones He is doing homework at the moment i just got here right now i am tired now i look for a key i love listening to the music

at the same time是同时的意思,用在两件事情同时发生的时候。 at the moment是这一刻,有立刻的意思。 meanwhile是与此同时的意思,一般用在论述观点的时候。


at the moment adv. 当时;此刻,现在,目前

16 . My father ___for an important phone call at the moment. He can’t go to have lunch with you. I am afraid. (4 分) A. wait B. waiting...


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