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at the tip of 在..."尖,点"上 I have her name at the tip of my tongue.她的名字就在我嘴边,却说不出来。 He always have some money at the tip of his finger.他手头总有些钱。 All holes were positioned at the tip of the crack.所有的铝...

at the tip of 在..."尖,点"上 at the edge of 在..."边缘,尽头" so frightened 被吓坏了

the tip of your nose 全部释义和例句>> 你的鼻子尖 And you balance your world pn the tip of your nose-like a Sealion with a ball, at the carnival. 平衡你的世界,你付小费的伪你的鼻子,像一个球海狮在嘉年华。


at the tip of your fingers的中文翻译 at the tip of your fingers 在你的指尖



In Bykovsky,a village of 457 resident at the tip pf a fin-shaped Peninsula on Russia's northeast coast,the shoreline is collapsing creeping closer and ...

Located at the natural meeting point of sea routes at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore had long known visits from a wide variety of sea ...

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