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at the moment when是状语,而且是带有定语从句的状语。 而the moment+从句是时间状语从句,相当于when引导的状语从句。

有明显的语法错误!好像漏掉了什么…… 我大概翻译:在这个时候,当你想放弃时,你就要想想你为什么你已经走到了这一步.

1 at the moment 介词短语,意思是“在此时,现在;在那时”,单独使用,在句中做时间状语。 如:I am busy at the moment.

at the moment 后面用 that引导,或省略

一般将况下:at the moment 用于现在进行时in the moment 用于一般将来时,如He is doing his homework at the moment .他此刻在做作业.He will come back in a moment . 一会他就回来.

at the moment the present time; now此刻;目前(用于现在时态中) *I know the address well enough,but I can't think of it at the moment.我清楚地记得这个地址,可是这会儿怎么也想不起来了。 2.then那时;那一刻(用于过去时态...

The moment i was prised by my motherI still remember that day my mother paised me.She always kind and warm-hearted to others.On a bus,when she saw the old ,she stood up quickly.she want to let the old sit her Seat.My mother tol...

one last timeSo we never forgetThe way we were beforeWhen we came alive at the moment we metThis is still worth fighting这个歌词是什么歌的?急 ...

对的,主语I 谓语am 表语at home 状语at the moment 我目前在家

the moment 属于名词词组用作连词,相当于when引导的状语从句,翻译成一……就……。e.g. The moment I saw her, I said "hello" to her.

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