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Why did Berk have a good laugh at Allan’s expense? 为什么伯克对艾伦大加嘲笑? at one’s expense是习语,意为“嘲弄某人”,“使某人受精神损失”。

at one's own expense 自费;以自己为代价 双语例句 1 China advocates and follows a new security concept and opposes any move to ensureone's own security at the expense of others 'security. 2 Listen to a joke at one's own expense. ...

做了什么事情, 但是以xx人的损失为代价

at one's own expense [词典] 自费; [例句]We can say that going to study abroad at one's own expense has become an important channel in our country for overseas education. 可以说,自费留学目前已成为我国出国留学教育的重要渠道。

at one's own cost 字面意思 以某人自己的费用 一般翻译 自费,掏腰包


at little expense 以较小的代价 双语对照 例句: 1. We can redecorate the room at little expense, if we use this oldpaint. 我们要是用这种旧漆重新装饰这房间,就不用花多少钱了。 2. At little expense here in this entertainment center...

意思可以是是很简单的,很容易完成。 手指动动就能完成,因此可以说,像资讯等很容易收集。在弹指间。。手到拈来 readily available/ accessible. fingertips = the tips of finger (手指) she got all her sports knowledge(知识) at her fing...

应该是at one‘s expense 吧? 由某人付费 由某人付款 由某人承担费用 希望对你有用

expenses是指开销,花费。比如说你在国外用来住宿的开销有多大。这里就用expense expenditure是支出,区别于上者的地方是:这个词一般用于国家预算中的支出。比较正式和宏观。 spending就是消耗,消费的意思。这个词的用法很全面。包含以上两个...

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