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Why did Berk have a good laugh at Allan’s expense? 为什么伯克对艾伦大加嘲笑? at one’s expense是习语,意为“嘲弄某人”,“使某人受精神损失”。

expense n. 费用, 代价, 损失, 开支, 费钱之物 at one' expense 以牺牲某人为代价 例如: He gain his goal at his father' expense. 他以牺牲他的父亲为代价来达到自己的目标。

at one's own expense 自费;以自己为代价 双语例句 1 China advocates and follows a new security concept and opposes any move to ensureone's own security at the expense of others 'security. 2 Listen to a joke at one's own expense. ...

at one's own expense [词典] 自费; [例句]We can say that going to study abroad at one's own expense has become an important channel in our country for overseas education. 可以说,自费留学目前已成为我国出国留学教育的重要渠道。

at sb's expense 是一个固定搭配用法,“由某人出资/付费”的意思。

On one hand, some people gain their personal, short-term and partial interest at the expense of others’ long-term and overall interest. On the other hand, they adopt improper means to win more reward with less effort.

看不到前面的叙述,仅仅就这条句子而言,翻译的意思没错。 thinning out 就是越来越稀少了 everyone 后面没任何连词被省;everyone else 就是“所有其他人”的意思 at his OWN expense, ( 不是 owe ) 意思也就是他喂了其他人,自己那份就少了,即...

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