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always 应放在 be 动词后面,助动词前面。 eg: He is always late. He always plays football. be always with you 才是正确的。

always be with you :永远和你在一起。 例句: 1、I'll always be with you. 我会一直在你身边。 2、I'll always be with you, somewhere close by. 我会一直跟着你的,就在你身边。 3、I will always be with you, denny colt. 我会一直跟你一...

i`m always with you 我永远和你在一起 例句 1.Baby don't cry, I am always with you. 亲爱的别哭,我永远陪在你身边。 2.But never mind. I am always with you. 但没关系,我会永远陪着你。

i will always be with you 我将永远和你在一起 双语例句 1 I will always be with you, denny colt. 我会一直跟你一起的,丹尼柯尔特。 2 Waste of space and you always will be. 你一直在浪费空间。

i'll always be with you 我会永远和你在一起 双语对照 例句: 1. I'll always be with you. 我会一直在你身边.

有语法错误。be动词搭配错误。 改正:I'm always with you. 现在一般时,两层表义:我总是支持你。或我总是陪伴在你左右。 亦可使用过去一般时,如:I was always with you, but you made me disappointed again and again.

my heart will always be with yo 我的心将永远与你在一起 双语对照 例句: 1. I will always be with you, denny colt. 我会一直跟你一起的,丹尼柯尔特。 2. We will always be with you. 我们会与你们同在.

是I'll be always with you . always为频度副词,常跟在助动词、情态动词、系动词之后,用作状语,表示发生的频度,意思是总是、一直等。 1.No matter where you go in life or how old you get, there's always something new to learn about. ...

歌曲:never had a dream come true 歌手:s club 7 everybody′s got something they had to leave behind one regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with time there′s no use looking back or wondering (or wondering) how it could ...

后者I will always be with you.是正确的。 意思为:我将永远与你同在。 well: adv. 很好地;充分地;满意地;适当地 adj. 良好的;健康的;适宜的 n. 井;源泉 v. 涌出 n. (Well)人名;(英、德、荷)韦尔 will: n. 意志;决心;情感;遗嘱;意...

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